Monday, April 2, 2007

The Helicopter Game

Fly the Helicopter with the left mouse button, but don't touch the walls! Click and hold the left mouse button to go up, release to go down. This is a game of skill!

Find the game here: Helicopter Game

Mini Putt

Mini Putt is a mini golf game with 19 holes. Nothing very new but one of those games has a multiplayer modus!

Find some great mini putt games here: Mini Putt , Mini Putt 2

Mini Golf

This Minigolf course is 19 holes long and the object is to hit the golf ball into the appropriate hole in the fewest strokes. Have fun!

Game: Mini golf

Bowman - bow and arrow games

One of the oldest flash games ever. Control (aim and shoot) the bowman with the mouse. You have won, if you hit your opponent 2 times!

Links: Bowman + Game + Bowman bird hunting